Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Snow Flurries

Indian Reserve Stop Sign
*Stetson also wrote us a letter this week and told us that he saw the local high school football practicing and struck up a conversation with the head coach and offensive line coach. They want him to come and again and give the boys some tips. He was so excited to help out.
Another great week! We worked alot this week and got alot done! We have a couple indian reserves around St. Paul that we cover so we went to the Saddle Lake indian reserve and did a lot of tracting down. Were not aloud to tract on the reserve but were aloud to street contact.. Weird i know.. but there is a lot of Natives out there that are members of our church that havent been to church for YEARS! Most of them are actually super cool and like the missionaries. We did exchanges this week again and I went up to Cherry Grove for a couple days. I love it up there. we met with Udo a couple times this week and he is doin great! He is super excited for his baptism this week. He had his interview yesterday and he is all ready to go! I think im more excited then he is actually.. 
Its already super cold here. its just about freezing today and there is little snow flurries. It came super fast. Ive been freezing for a couple weeks now and everybody makes fun of me. People walk around in there shorts and t shirts up here when its freezing. There nuts. Next week expect lots of cool pictures but this week i didnt really take any...  

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