Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Awesome Week!!

Elder Wood and newly baptized member... Brother Mueller

This week was full of service and fun! We helped one of our less active members in the branch cut tons of wood for her for this winter. She lives in a little tiny town about 30 min out of town. Its a cool place called Foisy. We also helped our branch president butcher the pig for the pig roast that was this Saturday. That was a great time! I wanted to do the honors of shooting the pig but he wouldnt let me and i guess its in the white hand book no fire arms.. its all good. Most importantly Udo was baptized Saturday!! It was sooo awesome! Everybody from the stake also came because the next day we had Branch Conference. He was nervous I think because he is kind of a shy guy but as it went on I could tell he was full of peace and and joy! He planned the program and chose all of the songs and music and so it went perfectly planned how he wanted it. Lots of singing but that is perfect for Udo. After the baptism we had the pig roast and that was tons of fun! Also with the pig we had a Chile cook off. Udo won the cook off last year and he was determined to win it this year. haha our branch gets so into it! Anyways Udo won it again this year. Hes a dang good cook. He thought we planned the baptism at 4 so he wouldnt have time to get his chile prepared for the pig roast but he still won:) Branch conference was amazing. We confirmed Udo as the newest member of the church and it was probably the coolest thing ive ever experienced. The spirit was so strong and the whole branch was balling. Everybody loves Udo in the branch. They changed the branch presidency around so there is alot of change in the little branch of St. Paul kinda weird. Our stake president is such a good speaker and it was the best sacrament meeting ive ever been apart of! Hes so solid. He talked on hastening the work. its been an amazing week her in St. Paul. Happy birthday S/O to my wonderful mother! Shes the best mom in the world:)

Elder Wood servin up swine

Roasted Pig

Baby Bear

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