Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mission Conference and Transfers

Elder Wood got to see his MTC companion Elder Clinger at the mission conference this last week.
This week we went into the city for a mission tour. Elder Martino of the seventy came and spoke to us about working not just harder but smarter. Our mission has goal to baptise transferly and he spoke to us on how we'll be able to do that. He talked to us about how we need to push meeting with less active members and finding all of the families that have kids over the age of 9 that need to get baptised. It was super good. Here in St. Paul we have tons and tons of less active members. Thats not even including the Native people that live in Saddle Lake. So were gona focus a lot on them and getting them back to church. After our mission tour in the city me and my companion got permission to go shopping for winter clothes so of course we went to Cabelas:) I got super trunky when I walked in that place. haha It was sweet though. Everytime we go in the city and stay there its like a mini missionary vacation. haha Also this week we went and did work out in Saddle Lake. We try and go out to the reserve once a week now. The native people that we meet with out there are super cool! They are  totally open to hearing our message. And free Books of Mormon. haha Its super fun teaching them and doing work out there though. At first my companion was super scared to go out there but he's finally opening up. One family offered to take us hunting and fishing with them. The native people get to hunt whenever and wherever here in Canada as part of some treaty with the government so thats pretty cool. Another family offered to take us horse back riding. The families love meeting with the missionaries. Not necessarily going to church but its all good. haha We have seen the blessing that come from talking with everybody this week. We got alot of Potential Investigators this week that i am excited to go follow up on. Transfer calls came this morning and I am going to be staying here in St. Paul and my companion is going into the city. 'Im glad that i am staying here in St. Paul I love the small branch and all of the people in it.
And I love the geese that are migrating right through here.  ITS GREAT!
Elder Wood
So....who's idea was it to send an avid goose hunter to Canada? hahaha! This is what we get pictures of lately. Gosh I love him!


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