Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Elder Wood didn't send any pictures this week. So I chose one of my favorites :)

So I'll cut right to it. Udo M.  the investigator of ours that got to go to Utah and sing with the Mormon Tabernacle choir and tour temple square with my family is getting baptized on September 13th!
He had an amazing experience there, and all of his questions and concerns were answered while he was there. We met with him twice this week and have had awesome experiences. Im so stoked! He's the coolest and nicest guy you'll ever meet. The rest of the week has been a pretty average week. We tracted a ton this week and not to much luck, but its all good we have some pretty cool stuff to look forward to.
We just gotta keep working hard. Yesterday we had a cool experience while street contacting. A lady came up to us and just wanted to know what we talk to people about because she said she always sees us walking around. We talked to her about who we were and pulled the golden restoration pamphlet out and talked about our unique message to the world and she was totally interested so we have a return appointment with her this Thursday. We waited until Thursday because we have exchanges Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm not missing out on another appointment. haha
Have a great week
Church is true,
Elder Wood

Brother M. on his visit to temple square

Singing as a guest of the tabernacle choir

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