Monday, August 4, 2014

I Don't Drink Coke

Meet Garry, the Branch mission leader. We had dinner with them out at the lake by St. Paul called Lac Bellview way sick

Soo this week has been a slow week... Nothing to exciting happened all week. We worked everyday and haven't had the most luck but something pretty interesting happened yesterday while tracting. 
We knocked on this door and a guy answers it and we talk and introduce ourselves and we start kinda going back and forth because hes way into the bible and not meaning for it to go this way it gets kinda heated so hes like fine. Come in lets talk. So we go in and his wife and another couple are sitting there and hes like we got some Mormons here that are going to answer some questions for us. hahaha im just thinkin to myself im so screwed. I dont know the bible well at all. Hes like I'd offer you some tea or a coke but I know you dont drink that stuff so you can have water. My companion is  like NOPE we drink coke! You have to realize its kinda heated and I dont drink pop but this guy was trying to get to us so we both said we would love a Coke! So we both sit down drink our Cokes and talk. I havent had a coke since I was about 10. It felt horrible. So we sat and bible bashed (well mostly my companion) and I just once in a while threw my two sense in then listened to them go back and forth. hahaha I loved it!! They were throwing bible scriptures everywhere... I had to be careful what I said tho because I'm not the best at backing it up. I never listened in seminary and got my bible scripture masteries down and my companion did and it helped im so much! I kinda regret it now... So things were heated for about an hour strait so im finally just said This isnt going to go anywhere, I think we both know that. We testified what we knew to be true and told them we had a dinner appointments we were late to. We left them two Books of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet. Before we left the lady said lets pray! So out of know where she starts doin some halleljuia prayer and the three other people were sayin amen after everything she said and I honestly couldnt help myself. I  was about to burst out laughing. hahahah such a cool experience. 
Well that really was the coolest thing that happened this week. Life is great here in St. Paul.
Have a great week,
Elder Wood

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