Monday, August 11, 2014

Cold Lake

Elder Wood said this was the best pizza he's ever eaten!!

The District

Its been a good week! 
So we had exchanges this week so I was up in Cold Lake for the first part of the week and I love it there! The missionaries up there have a weight set in there apartment so I LOVE going there! And then the next day me and my companion had to go into the city because he had a doctors appointments and also we had ZTM so we stayed at the mission home on Wednesday. My companion has had stomach cramps so he thought it was kidney stones. Turns out that he was fine, no stones.   ZTM was great. Its always nice to see other missionaries. One of our investigators here in St. Paul spent time in Utah this week and my parents were able to take him around temple square and to the Ogden temple open house and he got home Saturday night and came to church the next day so we were able to talk a little bit but we have a lesson with him tonight that I cant wait for! Hes the coolest guy and also one of the most active people in our branch. HE"S READY. Ill let you guys know next week how it goes. Also Sunday we had a lesson with 2 ladies we tracted into in Elk Point that went awesome!!! Finally. I"ll also keep you updated on them as well. While we were in Elk Point this week tracting I heard a bunch of guys talking in a garage and I noticed that they were Philippines and were speaking Tagalog and I remembered we had a Tagolag restoration pamphlet so I ran back to the car and got it and talked with them. Turns out they're from a city kind of by Laoag where Courtnee my sister is serving so we talked about that and had a good discussion with them. No wonder my sister is having such good luck, Filipino people are so easy to talk to.... haha That pretty much sums up my week. 
Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Wood.

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