Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Last Day in the MTC

St. Paul

The Branch President and his family prepared a "Green" (greenie) meal in honor of their new Elder, Elder Wood.

Sorry to break the news but none of my emails are going to compare to the one that I sent from the MTC. I really don't like computers but since im out in a little place called St. Paul, about 3 hrs away from Edmonton I don't get mail a lot. We get mail like twice a transfer when our zone leaders bring it up to us. So I'm gona have to stick to email if I want to keep in contact more. Everybody still write me though because I like letters better and ill take my time writing them:)
 Just a little bit about my area. We have just about 40 members in our branch and a lot of them are not active and our area covers an area about the size of Maryland. My companion is a way cool kid. Hes from Idaho Falls, his name is Elder Blatter. We get along way good and he thinks im way immature. hahah We have to set weekly goals and I made one of his to laugh more. We spend a lot of our time tracting but I don't know what were supposed to do when we run out of houses to knock? Like I said our area is spread out a lot so we spend a lot of our time driving to all these little towns in the middle of no where. These little towns we go to are good church going people that have a little church chapel in their town that they've been goin to so they are not very open. One lady was the wife of a priest and she freaked out at us telling us that she hopes we find the light and get out of the darkness that we have been in and all this other stuff that I didn't understand about our religion. My companion just stayed calm and didn't really fight and just tried to keep it cool but I wanted to just punch her right in the face and say see you at the judgment bar.
My companion is a good guy. My first lesson we ever taught didn't go quiet how I wanted it to... Everything went good teaching wise but we had our lesson outside and her husband that probably didn't want us there was trimming his yard all around us and didn't turn it off and then she had a daughter that was playing on a huge blow up toy that she was worried about the whole time. With that there is sooo much mosquitos outside! Ill keep you updated on that, but she left on a trip for a week so we wont be able to see her for a bit. You have to really work hard out here to get investigators. That has been the only lesson weve had since ive been here but we got two lesson tomorrow set up with people that we found tracting since ive been here that im pretty excited about. They live in a little town call Elk Point that is about 30-40 min from St. Paul. Its beautiful up here and its been really hot! I wasn't expecting that kind of weather coming up to Canada. The members are awesome up here and they feed us every night. They love the missionaries and whenever they get a new elder it is a big deal. The picture with all the green stuff is out our branch presidents house President Hatch. Our whole meal was green because im a brand new missionary. (a greenie) Canada is not way different from the U.S. but it kinda is its weird. The money is cooler here. The candy is better here. The people sound funny and say stuff weird. Its awesome though! Every single person here drives a brand new truck. Im not complaning though we drive a 2014 Subaru. Well life is good here in St. Paul! I love being a missionary! Im way happy and content:) again sorry if it doesn't make sense or stuff is spelled wrong I fly through it and don't check it.
Love you all,
Elder Wood
This is what Elder Wood and Elder Evans did during break time in the MTC.....drew up new plays

Chocolate milk in the MTC. Every time they would restock the vending machine with it, Stetson would go buy them all. :/

New Zone

MTC teacher

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