Monday, July 21, 2014

Answered Prayers

Elder Wood in his workout....tights?

Its been a good week. Since last week wasn't the most successful week we worked a lot harder this week to find investigators. We did a ton of service this week as well. We do service for the local food bank and they got a huge shipment in of like 30 pallets of food so we unloaded food FOR EVER on Tuesday. We got a big huge box of little honey packets so thats good! Instead of peanut butter and jelly everyday I can go with the change up:) After doing service for most of the day on Tuesday we went out to a town called Elk Point where we thought we would go tracting for about 30 min before our dinner appointment. When i woke up that day i just had this way good feeling that we were gona find somebody so i was way excited! We knocked a street and didnt have any luck and we had to go soon so i was determined that we were gonna find somebody. We walked across the street to a lady watering her garden so i introduced ourselves and told her about who we are and she actually seemed interested so we talked a little bit more and then she talked about how shes been curious about religion recently and has been listening to religion radio stations and such trying to find more information on questions she had.  She talked about the bible so i introduced her to the Book of Mormon and talked a little bit about it and how it compares to the bible and how it contains the full gospel of Christ and the answers to all her questions. She said I've always wondered what the he** I'm doing here!!" I got so happy. Once again I said this book has those answers. Then she said "I'm gonna have to get a copy of one of those!" I gave her my Book of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet and asked if we could come back tomorrow and talk a little bit more about it. She said we could! I walked away from that house soo happy knowing that my prayers were answered and that we could finally teach somebody! We got to the next house and i remembered that the next day i had exchanges and i was going up to Cherry Grove. I was sooo mad!! Words can explain how mad i was. Its okay though..  when i got back from exchanges my companion said she had a no show and then was busy so she said to pray for her when to come back...? I dont even care cuz now i get to teach her the first lesson and baptize her:) oh and my companion told me this week that i have to much greenie fire... not gonna argue that one but St. Paul definitely humbles that fire. haha sorry to go off on one experience but that was probably the highlight of the week... Exchanges were sweet Cherry Grove is a way cool place. Its a huge Mormon community in the middle of no where right by Cold Lake. Our apartment there is in a basement of an old farm house with an awesome couple that lives there. It was pretty much just like visiting grandma and grandpas house. That night there we played floor hockey with a nonmember family that the missionaries are teaching up there. It got way intense! We were still in our missionary clothes and by time we were done we were soaked in sweat! And also the Elder i was with broke his foot while playing so i spent that whole night there in the hospital waiting with him.. We were there til about 1 in the morning but we got to sleep in the next day so it was all good. And they drive a 2014 Chevy truck so i got to drive that around for two days. It was sweet. And one of the Elders in my zone hooked me up with a Enya CD that pretty much made my life. We listen to it over and over in the car. My companion hates me. That was pretty much my week...
Have a great week everyone,
Elder Wood
Hail in St. Paul

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