Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Day In The Life.....

7-11 Free Slurpee Day

Apparently Elder Wood is not doing his dishes :/

Todays been a slooow week. Good week though. We did'nt have one lesson this week. Every single person was a no show. haha its so frustrating! Yesterday we tracted for about 7 hrs and didnt get one potential investigator. We do lots of service around here for the community and were the go to people for our little branch whenever people need help with something so service keeps us pretty busy a lot.
My day kinda goes like this. Wake up workout. Go to the local track or park and do pull ups on the jungle gym toy then we study for three hours. Every missionary that starts out is on a 12 week program that allows you and your companion to have an extra hour of study. Then we do service or eat lunch and then tract till dinner. After dinner we tract and then go to bed. Then repeat every day:) Days go forever but the weeks go by fast! So yea i dont have any stories to tell about investigators cuz our 2 investigators are on trips:) were gona keep working hard though to get some more! These last couple days ive been starving cuz i eat all my food within just a couple days! haha i had to learn the hard way this week. And they forgot to pass the clip board around this week in relief society so we pretty much ate chips and apples for dinner all week. Church was awesome this week. The patriarch came and spoke with his wife and they both gave really good talks. He spoke on marriage and then to me and Elder Blatter about finding the right girl to marry. Yes he talked to us because were the only two in sacrament that are close to marrying age. haha we actually had a lot of people this week in sacrament because two families were visiting. Everybody goes crazy at church when something like that happens here. It reminds me of the movie cars. haha they doubled all the young mens and young womens and primary classes just from there families. 7/11 was this week so you already know i made my companion drive to 7/11 to get us free slurpees! Oh i guess something exciting happened today! I found a pull up bar at the local store so now i dont have to go to the jungle gym toy thing. haha
Thank you everybody for the great support back at home im grateful for such awesome friends and family, im grateful for this gospel and the opportunity to serve the lord for two years and ive already seen it change me, for the good. Im grateful for Jabari Parker going to the Bucks, im grateful for Lebron going back to the Cavs. There is so much to be grateful for.   -Elder Wood

Elder Wood's apartment

Happy to see that he made his bed

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