Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Service in St. Paul

Sorry about the gross pictures. I've been married to a Wood for long enough now that this doesn't even phase me, but it might be disturbing to some of you. Who would've thought that all those years of watching his own cows be butchered were actually preparing him for his mission? haha

It has been a great week this week! We have been doing a ton of service lately. I love doing service. Its so amazing when I can get to get out of that white shirt and tie and get my hands dirty. We have been helping a lot of people chop wood lately because winter is pretty much here.
This week we helped one of our members butcher his cow. Thats always a good time. My companion is kinda a light weight when it comes to that kind of stuff so ive been giving him crap all week about it. We are continuing to do a lot of work with less actives. This week we went and tracted down some of our less active members that live in a little town called Lac La Biche. Its a pretty cool place! Its close to 2 1/2 hrs away from St. Paul so they dont get seen a lot. We cover a huge amount of area. The work is pretty slow right now. We have 4 investigators and they are progressing but very slow.
Have a great week. I am happy and love being a missionary.
Elder Wood

Brother Hatch - Stetson loves this family!

Elder Wood's long drive to Lac La Biche

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