Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Got Wood!!

This is a serious pile of Wood!! (haha)
We did more service this week then I ever have! It was great! For the first half of the week we chopped wood all day every single day. We have a single less active sister that lives out a ways from town that owns her own little convenient store that is heated with fire so she goes through a ton! We have been working on this wood pile for a little over a month but we decided that we would just finish it this week. After we got done is turns out that this was only the first load and that there is going to be another load coming! We also chopped wood and herded cattle for an older couple that lives out in the middle of no where! Its been an awesome week of service! I forgot to mention also we had exchanges with the district leader this week as well so I went up to Cherry Grove. It was super fun I love going up there. While I was up there I also got to see the northern lights for the first time which was super cool but I didn't get a picture.. Towards the end of the week we helped another single lady whos husband passed away a year ago or so. She had to clean out a huge barn of junk that her husband kept. He was a total horder and we spent literally all day there cleaning stuff out and i dont think we got even close to getting it half way done. She definitely needed our help though so im glad we got to help! She is less active and kind of avoids missionaries but once we helped her out it totally opened up doors. She had us over for lunch and baked us a couple pies to take home and she totally opened up, so hopefully we can start meeting more with her and get her back to church! Kind of a slow week for missionary work but service opens the door for it so we're gonna keep doing it! Ammon first served King Lamoni before he started talking:) Thats my spiritual thought. 
Have a great week everyone,
Elder Wood

Got Protein??

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